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About the client

Our client Leon, based in Poland, specializes in the sale of doors and door accessories such as locks, frames, handles, and more.

With a focus on customization, they offer a wide range of options including color, material, opening direction, and other features to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Despite their expertise in the door industry, our client lacked technical knowledge and needed guidance to implement digital solutions effectively.

Moreover, as Leon aims to modernize their operations, they recognize the importance of leveraging digital tools to enhance customer experience and streamline their processes.


The client previously relied on traditional methods of showcasing their products, including a printed catalogue and an online PDF format. While these methods served their purpose, they lacked interactivity and the ability to provide detailed product information, hindering their ability to engage customers effectively.

Our client, while eager to embrace new technologies to enhance their business operations, faced a significant hurdle due to their limited understanding of the capabilities of such a publishing tool and how they could effectively turn PDFs into flipbooks.

Digital Brochure for a door sales company

Solution and implementation

Recognizing the need for digital transformation, our client sought our team's assistance in turning the product PDF to an interactive digital brochure. We provided tailored development solutions to address their specific needs and lack of technical skills.

Training and Support: With the help of our team, the client successfully transitioned from a static PDF catalogue to an interactive brochure using the Digital Catalogue platform. During the training sessions, we familiarized the client with the platform's features and functionalities, empowering them to manage and update their product catalogue independently.

Custom Solutions: Furthermore, our team collaborated with the client to develop custom solutions, ensuring seamless integration with their website and providing enhanced user experiences. We facilitated the attachment of documents to each product listing, implemented a wishlist feature, and added order forms to enrich the browsing experience for customers.

Shoppable Digital Brochure for Leon


Enhanced Customer Experience: Products were accompanied by comprehensive descriptions, guiding customers through key specifications and highlighting unique selling points. Technical documents, including installation guides and specifications, were readily accessible, empowering customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Market Expansion: Empowered by the success of their digital catalogue in the Polish market, Leon expanded their operations to Germany, leveraging the platform's capabilities to reach new audiences and drive growth.


In conclusion, the adoption of the Digital Catalogue platform, coupled with the support and expertise provided by our team, has enabled Leon to elevate their door sales and provide an unparalleled browsing experience for their customers. By switching to an interactive digital brochure, they have positioned themselves for success in both the Polish and German markets, setting a new standard for the industry.

"I’m a big fan of your solution, and working with you is truly professional. I am extremely impressed”

Paulina Ograbek,
Marketing Manager.

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