Achieve format perfection in shoppable catalogues, flipbooks and online brochures.

It can't get easier than this: You simply drag and drop a PDF, then add your desired interactivity zones. The only thing remaining is to add your products, let users create wishlists or integrate with your eCommerce site. You are now prepared to sell directly from your Online Brochure or Digital Catalogue.

Wait. It can get easier. If you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, you can ask us for help anytime.

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Creating your retail digital catalogue

A PDF, in its base form, is static, hard to edit, hard to manipulate and improve upon. With Digital Catalogue transforming PDFs into Online Brochures, Flipbooks, or even Shoppable Digital Online Catalogues, is more than easy. It’s intuitive.

You can add product feeds and links into your Digital Catalogue, simply by importing an Excel, Json, Xml or Csv, and then link your products to their reference code.

Digital Catalogue will automatically take care of the rest.

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We love helping our clients achieve success

Digital Catalogue is the chosen software behind many satisfied customers. Why? Because DC can help you achieve perfection when it comes to creating Digital Catalogues, Online Brochures, Flipbooks and Shoppable retail catalogues.

Natura sells their whole array of products and services by using our advanced retail Digital Brochures.

Martin Media Group directly embedded their Media Kit PDF into their site.

For smooth transactions, Avon offers you the option of purchasing directly from their catalogue by using the integrated checkout option.

We love our customers and they love us back.

Anita Kósa - AVON Ungaria PR, ADVERTISING AND DIGITAL MANAGER Interactively Digital Solutions has been a partner for AVON Hungary since 2018 July, when a revolutionary digital tool was introduced to the Hungarian market to help our Representatives and Sales Leaders grow their business and become more efficient. With this new tool, Customers are able to send us their orders in an easy way for example via Messenger or WhatsApp and the digital experience we offer them meanwhile is seamless and it fits the expectations of modern digital era. Interactively Digital Solutions proved to be an excellent partner that we can always count on. We had no more than 3 weeks for the introduction and despite the enormous time pressure, the company provided us extraordinary and accurate help, always trying to provide the best-in-class solution for our market. The company had many own ideas and initiatives proactively and they did not stop at the introduction of the tool, they still provide us high quality customer care. Professional background is one thing, but I also have to highlight how cooperative and helpful colleagues the company has, it is a wonderful feeling to have contact persons that we can trust and who are eager to help us anytime. We really appreciate the cooperation we have together.