Small Retailer Expands Reach by Shifting to an Interactive Supermarket Brochure

About the client

The regional supermarket chain Annabella, a thriving family-owned business operating across multiple counties, aimed to expand its customer base and enhance brand visibility.

As a result of its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, the Annabella supermarket has experienced remarkable growth and is continuously expanding its footprint to serve more communities across the region.

Despite having numerous locations, the supermarket encountered challenges in reaching potential customers beyond its immediate vicinity.

Extending its market reach beyond local boundaries became essential to sustain growth and foster wider community engagement.


The business faced a big problem getting its monthly supermarket brochure to more people while spending less money. Printing brochures was costly and only reached local customers. Plus, the brochures lacked appeal and didn't engage customers effectively. They needed to reach more people and make the supermarket’s brochure more interesting to attract new customers

The complexity increases as the supermarket expands its presence with additional stores, requiring not only more financial and human resources for distributing the printed brochure with offers, but also a comprehensive retail marketing strategy.

On top of that, they were up against big supermarkets equipped with substantial resources for expansive print and distribution campaigns. Additionally, sharing a PDF online was a challenge, given its size and potential limitations on mobile download speeds, while also lacking visibility into user engagement metrics.

The challenges faced by a small supermarket in trying to reach a larger audience with its offer brochures.

Solution and implementation

To address these challenges, the supermarket decided to complement their traditional print brochures with an interactive digital catalogue. By turning their static PDF into a flipbook with interactive features, they aimed to enhance customer engagement and reach a broader online audience while still maintaining their print distribution.

The client chose a simple flipping book brochure without advanced features. Nevertheless, they utilized the platform to integrate the digital brochure into their website, ensuring convenient access via a consistent link that remains unchanged.

Furthermore, they implemented the platform's scheduling feature to automate the updating of brochure content according to their monthly updates.

The expansion of online offer reach for a small supermarket.


Cost savings potential: By transitioning from printed brochures to digital flipbooks, the supermarket could potentially achieve significant reductions in operational costs associated with supermarket brochure production and distribution.

Expanded audience reach: The digital product catalogue enabled the supermarket to reach potential customers beyond their local area, tapping into new markets and attracting more visitors to their store.

Improved accessibility: Embedding the digital retail catalogue on their website made it easily accessible to customers anytime, anywhere, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Easy publishing schedule: facilitated effortless scheduling of online publishing, allowing the client to release the digital brochure at specific dates and times, ensuring timely communication with customers.


By converting static PDFs into interactive flipping brochures, the small supermarket effectively expanded its reach, increased website traffic, and improved communication of its offers. Leveraging the innovations of digital retail catalogues, the Annabella supermarket surpassed the constraints of traditional print marketing, positioning themselves for growth in a competitive market.

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