It's easy to bring your PDF to life

Empower your PDF catalogues to drive digital sales with unprecedented levels of interaction and efficiency.

Add product links

Select the product, click add link, paste link and save.

Add table of contents

Create and edit chapter names, landing pages and colors

Create rich photo galleries

Select your focus area, access the image gallery and insert your pictures

Embed videos and slideshows

Insert videos that can play in overlay or on streaming platforms

Define types of interaction

Save to wishlist? Add to cart? Share on WhatsApp? Create a clear checkout path.

Import product feeds

Easy to connect and edit with data feed mapping

Insert stickers and animated gifs

Promotions, best deals, new product alerts and many more

Set up your e-shop

Order management, e-payment, processing and shipping

Sell your products directly from the digital catalogue

If you don't own an e-commerce platform, your digital catalogue becomes one


Congrats! Your PDF is now a smart, interactive sales tool.

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